So I’m gonna explain a thing.

You may have noticed that there have been longer and longer periods of time between my updating. Maybe. Or you may not have noticed. Whatever.

The reason for that is because I already finished dumping out my original 400+ gifs, so I’ve been collecting more, which takes a while. I don’t go out looking for them, I let them pop up on my dash and save them as they appear. It’s a slow process, but it’s comfortable for me. Once I have enough, I dump them all here. :)

The last batch I posted was only 15 gifs, but I had actually saved 48 new ones. The reason I couldn’t post all of them is because most of them were over 1 KB. If gifs are over 1 KB, they don’t work on Tumblr text posts. They look like this:

Frozen. And if can’t post them in a text post, you guys can’t use them in roleplaying, so what’s the point?

Unfortunately, I can’t see how big a gif is until I’ve saved it and it shows up in my folder. This means that even when I have dozens of gifs ready to post, only a small fraction of them might even be usable on this blog, which means even less updating. :(

tl;dr it takes me a while to collect a batch of gifs + not all gifs are usable, so sporadic and infrequent posting will resume

Thanks for following!!! <3